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Pinball Parts – Playfield Protectors

We started in 2012 with our first generation playfield protector, which maybe some of you already know from ebay or other online shops. In the meantime we developed playfield protectors for more than 200 pinball machines, plastic protectors for more than 100 pinball machines, clear plastic sets for more than 60 pinball machines and other useful stuff.

Crispy Straw – Drinking Straw

This is an edible drinking straw, its sustainability and durability offer an enhanced drinking experience for your guests. More than just a straw, it’s also a snack, engaging amenity that aligns perfectly with your establishment’s sustainability goals. – Staatenlos

Staatenlos hilft freidenkenden Menschen dabei, ein Leben ohne Grenzen zu leben. Steueroptimiert. Auf der ganzen Welt. helps free-thinking people live a life without borders and ceilings. Tax optimized. Anywhere in the world.


Exclusive collections represent elégance, extravagance and at the same time sexy appeal. This fashion is characterized by high quality, craftsmanship. The dresses are made exclusively and limited.

Tasjeel – Domain Hosting

Today we’re proud to be a leading Middle East domain specialist, officially accredited by the UAE’s .ae Authority. Our user-friendly but power-packed solutions are perfect for total beginners and seasoned pros alike – and all backed by our professional 24/7 support team.

Passion Island – AMX Mastery

The popular system behind first class flights at economy prices.

You can find out exactly what the path looks like on this page, down to the smallest detail.

Consultation and Coaching

Elevate your performance with expert consultation, receiving strategic insights to optimize decision-making. Unlock your potential with our personalized coaching services, tailored to help you achieve your goals and navigate challenges. Grab this opportunity for transformative growth and success.


  • Car business and international shipping
  • Company establishment in USA and UAE
  • Banking international
  • Real Estate in Dubai


  • Individualized Support
  • Facilitating Self-Discovery
  • Goal-Oriented and Results-Driven

D|R|P – Dubai Rapid Properties

At DRP we are dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost service. If you are the one to make every detail count & are bold to go beyond the obvious in every task assigned with positive energy & have the passion for making it happen, then we are looking for you.

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“SSPRUCH LLC has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”

Nicole N.

CEO, NN Services LLC